// Electrified-start as Opel returns

German brand Opel is set to return to New Zealand, with electrified vehicles at the forefront of its offering.

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// Cybertruck production next year

Tesla intends to complete its Cybertruck electric ute (pickup truck) development this year for production in 2023.

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// Merger targets motor industry

Limelight Software, which operates the Motorcentral, Need A Car, and BuyerScore brands, is joining Thorn Financial Services, whose brands include dtr and Thorn, to form Limelight Group.

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// Maserati drops the Grecale, which features V6, hybrid, and electric power

Maserati sets its sights on the mid-size SUV category eyeing up the Porsche Macan, Range Rover Velar, BMW X3, Audi SQ5, and other premium performance SUVs.

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// In spite of volatility Audi RS 3 almost sold out

In spite of global volatility, Audi New Zealand has sold out of its initial allocation of 70 high-performance RS 3 hatchbacks priced from $112,500 and hopes to have another 30 cars allocated to it by the factory before the end of 2022.

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// 5 Reasons why Newcoat Ceramic Coating is worth a look!

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// Ferrari gives us a peek at its new SUV

We’ve heard about it for a long time now, but now Ferrari has finally given us our first official peek at its upcoming SUV, the Purosangue.

// EVs cheaper than petrol – Gen Less

EVs work out cheaper than petrol vehicles on the total cost of ownership, a new Gen Less tool reveals.

// Shell Is Offering Tesla & Other EV Subscriptions In Germany

Shell oil company is offering Tesla and other EV subscriptions in Germany. This is something that we haven’t really seen an oil company do before, and I like it.


// Supercar bound for NZ

Lotus’ last petrol-powered car is set to arrive late in the year.

// Honda confirms electric SUV coming next year

Like most other carmakers, Honda sees electrification as the future. And while they have been a bit slower to the…

// UBCO will use cobalt-free battery

Kiwi electric adventure vehicle start-up UBCO has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) powered battery developer Chemix to commercialize sustainability.

// Aussie auctioneer reports surge in used Tesla residuals

Australian-based Lloyds Auctions says rising fuel prices and a tight supply of second-hand vehicles onto the market have resulted in a spike in the residuals of used electric vehicle brands such as Tesla.

// Go a little green, get a lot back

The government will launch an expanded Clean Car Discount program on April 1, which will reward more buyers who are registering vehicles with low CO2 emissions for the first time with cash-back rebates.



// Current National New Car Deals


Updated every Friday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials.

// Clean Car Discount / Fee Finder is the Government recommended website for rebate/fee information. Simply search from the Home page to find a vehicle’s rebate/fee.