// GMSV launches Silverado 2500 HD, has already sold five

GMSV has launched its latest ‘go big or go home’ attitude truck, the Chevrolet 2500 HD.

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// Audi is finally giving us what we really want – an electric wagon

Audi has taken the wraps off a new concept, and it’s what we’ve all secretly been waiting for. Admit it, you’ve wanted an electric station wagon since ages ago as well.

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// Audi could soon be making a pick-up truck

The prestige and luxury associated with Audi typically attract a certain kind of car owner. That certain person is not a Ford Ranger owner, but it soon could be.

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// Maserati’s bold electric strategy begins with 1200 hp GranTurismo

Maserati is going electric. But that’s not the news at all. No, it’s how they plan on starting their all-electric future that’s newsworthy.

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// MIA chief to retire

David Crawford will have completed 10 years with the industry association by the time he steps down at the end of March 2023.

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// 5 Reasons why Newcoat Ceramic Coating is worth a look!

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// New Audi tech will help protect cyclists on the road

Audi of America is collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies and Spoke on technology that’ll protect cyclists on the road.

// Car dealers given two weeks to update economy labels

The Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA) announced earlier this week that new and used vehicle economy labels would be changing, subsequently showing off the new-look labels for the first time yesterday. They debut at dealerships on April 1.


// Hyundai says petrol prices have “quadrupled” interest in EVs

In spite of the government’s recent move to tame New Zealand’s petrol prices, prices at the pump are still well up on what they were at the same point last year.

// Spending slump for vehicles

Drop across all retail sectors the first of its kind since the country was in alert level four lockdown.

// Mercedes cars will be made from 40% recycled materials within 10 years

Mercedes-Benz has the goal of having a CO2-neutral fleet of new passenger vehicles by 2039.


// Current National New Car Deals

Updated every Friday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials.

// Clean Car Discount / Fee Finder is the Government recommended website for rebate/fee information. Simply search from the Home page to find a vehicle’s rebate/fee.