// Funky, futuristic new Hyundai Tucson to make NZ debut this month

Hyundai’s designers have been incredibly busy in the recent past, producing some of the brand’s most striking and unique looking vehicles in its history.

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// EGR ROLLTRAC | All-aluminium electric rolling lid

The first electric roll cover to fully integrate with the vehicle’s electrical system, the EGR RollTrac’s smart ECU provides smooth and safe operation, while also preserving your battery.


// Video: Etrucks introduces NZ’s first battery swap vehicle

New Zealand distributor Etrucks has brought the first battery swap electric vehicle into the country. The XCMG-manufactured E700 6×4 semi-tractor has a 50-tonne gross combination mass and is set to target the heavy metro segment,

// Feast your ears on a 12,000rpm V12 at full noise

Gordon Murray, of McLaren F1 fame, is building a new, V12-powered supercar. That in itself is newsworthy but what’s even better is the fact that the engine revs right up to 12,100rpm, displacing 3.9 litres without any forced induction.


// Tesla patents solar-charging tray cover for Cybertruck

Tesla is working on an optional Tonneau Cover for the upcoming Cybertruck, which could double as a solar panel to generate extra electricity during the day.

// Remote-controlled EV digger announced by Komatsu

A fully electric, remote-controlled mini excavator powered by a lithium-ion battery has been announced during centennial celebrations by Komatsu

// VW NZ working to get ID electrics here

Volkswagen New Zealand says it’s working very closely with VW’s German factory to get the ID.3 and ID.4 EVs here.

// Ford readying Maverick small ute for its full debut

Ford’s new small ute, the Maverick, is nearly here. The Blue Oval has released a pair of teasers for the little truck, confirming a June 8 reveal (June 9 for us in New Zealand).

// More Teslas arrive

At least 200 Tesla Model 3s are being removed from a Ports of Auckland wharf for delivery to New Zealand customers.

// Hydrogen mobility planned across Europe

Renault Group and Plug Power have launched HYVIA, the joint venture providing fuel cell light commercial vehicles (LCVs), green hydrogen, and hydrogen refuelling stations.

// Aussie car manufacturing could return via electric cars, says Tesla chair

It’s been four years since the last Aussie-built Holden Commodore rolled off of the production line, and not much has really changed in the time since to support that idea of vehicle production coming back to the region.

// The sedan isn’t dead (yet), according to Toyota

Think about the sedan segment. Now, think about how many sedans are still in production and sold today, particularly those priced in the sub-$50,000 bracket.

// Battery Electric Vehicle technology goes mainstream in MG5

Supply and infrastructure issues are putting the brakes on the launch of many of the latest Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) for New Zealand – at least via new-vehicle distributors.

// David Beckham invests in Lunaz

David Beckham joins the Barclay, Reuben and Alexander Dellal families investing in vehicle electrification company Lunaz,



// Current National New Car Deals Revealed

Updated every Thursday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials. Offers including pricing specials, ‘free extras’ deals, or special financing terms.