// Surprising, EV sales didn’t crash in the last month before Clean Car rebates kicked in

Despite the Government announcing its Clean Car Discount programme for sub-$80k EVs on June 13, to start on July 1, the Motor Industry Association (MIA) says Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV, pure-electric) sales remained “reasonably strong” throughout June

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// Ford’s electric mustang Mach-e outsells the real deal

Ford’s fully electric Mach-E, launched last year, had a fairly difficult birth when it came to its reception among die-hard fans of both the marque and the nameplate.

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// ‘Door to door’ with one fixed price

At AUTOHUB we don’t sell or buy cars. Instead, for 18 years we’ve been offering the easiest way to import and export your vehicles, and we offer a ‘door to door’ service for one fixed price.


// New BMW leaked: 2022 2-series coupe breaks cover?

BMW has been on a hot streak this year of new releases; debuting cars shown off last year while simultaneously revealing quite a number of new projects, many of which being electric.


// Record-breaking turnout for Aston Martin Heritage Festival

The largest gathering of Aston Martin sports cars in history took place last weekend when the Aston Martin Heritage Trust (AMHT) held an event celebrating the centenary of the oldest surviving Aston Martin car, ‘A3’.

// MG and Hyundai do battle in electric car sales charts

Once again, Tesla emerged on top of New Zealand’s electric car sales figures, leading June with a whopping 222 registrations, making up 65 per cent of full EV sales for the month.

// Imports continue growth

Passenger vehicles and light commercials all on the up as market maintains recovery from Covid-19.

// Why are some NZ insurance companies not supporting the BMW i3?

It’s been a tumultuous period for BMW’s quirky but embattled hybrid and fully electric i3 hatch. Numerous high-profile fire cases (including one in New Zealand) have put the platform in the spotlight, and BMW recently confirmed it would be getting phased out of the US market.



// Current National New Car Deals

Updated every Friday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials.

// Clean Car Calculator

Input vehicle make and/or model to calculate if the car will receive a rebate, fee or sits in the zero band (no change).