Meet Porsche’s all-electric gravel warrior – the Taycan Cross Turismo

Porsche has finally taken all the pre-production camouflage off its all-electric wagon, the Taycan Cross Turismo.–the-taycan-cross-turismo

Electric Taycan Cross Turismo due later this year

Porsche’s Taycan Cross Turismo, revealed to the public with a virtual world premiere, is expected to arrive in New Zealand during the fourth quarter of this year with prices starting at $194,900.

Revealed: Porsche turns Taycan super-sports EV into an SUV

As promised, Porsche has taken its Taycan Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and turned it into an SUV: the Cross Turismo.


Hyundai Ioniq 5 interest shows kiwis ready for EV era

Public interest has surged in New Zealand following the recent global unveiling of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 with pre-orders already reaching double digits.

Hyundai’s radical Ioniq 5 EV confirmed for New Zealand

Hyundai’s futuristic and much talked about new electric car, the Ioniq 5, has been confirmed for New Zealand showrooms.


High Waikato WOF failure rate concerns MTA

Warrant of Fitness failures in the Waikato have reached an alarming level according to the Motor Trade Association of New Zealand (MTA).

Half of region’s vehicles fail WOF

MTA raises road safety fears as Waikato notches unwanted record.


Kiwi-based Rodin cars expands operations, confirms UK base

New Zealand-based car design, building and testing firm Rodin Cars has unveiled its new-look facilities on the other side of the world, based at Donington Park in the UK.


Toyota Hilux back on top! Zooming with DRIVEN, EP 34 news

Zooming with DRIVEN news is all about utes this week. The Kiwi new-vehicle industry had a boom month in February and Toyota was a particularly big winner.


New look Peugeot cars and dealership coming soon

New Zealand is amongst one of the first markets to implement Peugeot’s new global brand identity on its website and a new Auckland showroom is also under development.

First US city to ban new gas stations?

California’s Petaluma City Council has moved to ban new gas stations, and existing stations won’t be allowed to add new gas pumps although they can add electric chargers.

Profits up for Northport owner

Strong results from wider group help bolster finances as earnings slip at Northland port.

Mercedes-benz teases next electric car, reveals plump sedan

Mercedes-Benz is one step closer to revealing its first fully electric sedan, the production EQS, with the release of a side-on teaser shot showing the model’s distinctive silhouette.

Volkswagen might make its own Ford Ranger Raptor rival

The saying goes that every notable new electric car that comes out is inevitably going to be reported as a ‘Tesla killer’, and every second ute manufacturer is developing ‘a Ford Ranger Raptor rival’.

What’s a Mclaren F1 worth these days?

Well evidently, quite a lot. Prices of Holdens and Hondas might fluctuate north and south for various reasons, but something like a McLaren F1 is a different story.

The mouse that roared – Arnold Diffllock

Wake up New Zealand! If the ‘Independent’ Climate Change Commission gets its way (and it will as long as the current Government is in power) we are in for massive and destructive change in the way we go about our daily lives, particularly with regard to transport.

Hyundai announces first hydrogen fleet in Australia

Hyundai has beaten Toyota to the punch by confirming it will power the first hydrogen-only fleet in Australia.

Tesla Model S the most searched for luxury car – even though it isn’t one

A new study from the UK has looked at the most desirable luxury cars based on Internet searches and found that the Tesla Model S topped the charts in more countries than any other car.–even-though-it-isnt-one

Quick Charge 06/03: this week in EV news

olvo delivered a one-two electric punch this week with the back-to-back announcements of not only a new EV in its line up, but also that the company will be ditching ICEs entirely by 2030.

The new Volvo charged with the entire future of the company

Volvo has revealed its first-ever model to be launched exclusively as a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV): the C40 Recharge.