// Eye-watering luxury: Rolls Royce unveils $39m ‘boat tail’

Rolls Royce, arguably the world’s most hallowed car manufacturer, have unveiled the most expensive new car in history.

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// McLaren’s ultra-exclusive Elva gets some practicality with added windscreen

Because billionaire car collectors aren’t satisfied with their ultra-exclusive supercars, brands like McLaren and Aston Martin have had to release speedster versions of their vehicles.

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// EGR ROLLTRAC | All-aluminium electric rolling lid

The first electric roll cover to fully integrate with the vehicle’s electrical system, the EGR RollTrac’s smart ECU provides smooth and safe operation, while also preserving your battery.


// Ford teases all-electric Ranger for the first time

Ford has divulged some details about the various electric vehicles it is working on, and it seems those wanting an electric Ranger are in luck.


// SUV gets eco-friendly twist

Mitsubishi’s latest PHEV aims to build on the success here of its larger counterpart, the Outlander.

// FTN motion sells first 100 founder’s edition Streetdogs

Start-up FTN Motion has sold out of its first 100 electric Streetdogs motorcycles, securing deposits to early adopters across New Zealand.

// Beam records 10m rides

E-scooter company Beam has achieved 10 million rides globally, helping prevent 3374 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

// US fossil fuel tax breaks ending?

A US$259.5 billion package of clean energy tax credits includes $31.6b in consumer incentives for EVs and would end tax breaks used by the fossil fuel industry.

// NZAI tops profit guidance

Owner of 2 Cheap Cars focuses on growth after used-car sales prove resilient in the face of pandemic.

// Focus on communication

David Vinsen, VIA’s chief executive, talks about the association’s first AGM under its new structure.

// A $175,000 Honda Civic? Rare Mugen makes headlines

Old-school Hondas have never copped as much appreciation as they’re getting right now.

// This is why replacing a windscreen isn’t what it used to be

As cars get more and more technologically advanced, repairs and replacements of parts becomes more and more tricky.



// National New Car Deals Revealed

Updated every Thursday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials. Offers including pricing specials, ‘free extras’ deals, or special financing terms.