// VW America admits PR prank

Volkswagen Group of America has pulled off one of the most believable public relations stunts in automotive history, saying from May 1 electric-powered VWs sold in America would be re-branded as Voltswagens.

// Is VW really is changing its name to Voltswagen?

A few days ago an incomplete version of an announcement was accidentally posted on Volkswagen of America’s website, saying that the company would change its name to ‘Voltswagen’ in the USA before it quickly disappeared

// Shift to EVs sparks VW name change in US

From May 1 electric-powered VWs sold in America will be re-branded as Voltswagens.


// Toyota CEO says kiwi electric car targets are too ambitious

Toyota New Zealand CEO Neeraj Lala has raised further concerns about the Climate Change Commission’s recommendations to local government

// Toyota NZ warns ICE ban by 2035 ‘unrealistic’

The Climate Change Commission’s proposed ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2035 ignores the reality that EVs will be in short supply for years to come, Toyota NZ chief executive Neeraj Lala says.

// Used-car imports face risk from climate action

Toyota CEO warns policy recommendations may increase size of our fleet and encourage the uptake of less-safe EVs.


// Kia spills details on EV6

Marque’s first foray into battery-electric vehicles is due here before the end of the year.

// Video: Kia EV6 for NZ

The fully electric Kia EV6 will feature super-car performance, extra-long range, ultra-fast charging ability – and it’s coming to New Zealand probably later this year.

// Kia unveils electric EV6 GT ‘supercar’, confirms it for NZ

Earlier this month Kia showcased its first dedicated electric car; the all-new EV6.


// Lexus shows BEV concept car

The Lexus LF-Z Electrified1 has been unveiled as a concept battery electric vehicle (BEV) symbolising the brand’s transformation set to be realised by 2025.

// Lexus LF-Z concept gives us a taste of the brand’s future

For the second time this month, the Toyota/Lexus juggernaut has unveiled a new concept. But while the previous unveiling showcased a playful diminutive SUV unlikely to see the road in this part of the world, last night’s unveiling was something altogether more interesting.

// Lexus reveals brand new electric SUV

Lexus revealed its latest concept overnight, taking the form of an all-electric SUV dubbed the LF-Z.


// Genesis goes sleek with striking new concept

Ignore that Tiger Woods–sized blip in the radar, and it’s been a fairly productive period for emerging premium car maker Genesis.

// Genesis X concept debuts in LA

The Genesis X Concept, an EV-based GT (Gran Turismo), has been presented in a world-premiere video on a Los Angeles roof-top.


// The Humble One is the solar-powered SUV of your dreams

Humble Motors is a fresh-from-2020 start-up (risky year to start a business) that has just revealed its first product. The Humble One is five-seat electric crossover that, according to its maker, will eventually become the world’s first solar-powered SUV.


// Isuzu Trucks NZ announce winning Grandmaster dealerships

Isuzu Trucks NZ has announced the winners of the annual Grandmaster awards, the accolade presented to the best performing dealerships in the nationwide network.

// Two electrics in three world car contenders

If the press release is to be believed, the air is crackling with excitement all over the world as the naming of the 2021 World Car of the Year approaches.

// UBCO accelerates EV adoption

Tauranga-based UBCO is gearing up for widespread adoption of its utility electric bikes across New Zealand farms, businesses and households, thanks to funding from government-backed Carbn Group.

// Rugged new Subaru Outback wilderness revealed

Just yesterday we profiled the new Toyota Yaris Cross Adventure — an example of how the compact crossover and SUV space is starting to lean more into the rugged, rough-and-tumble world of off-roading.

// Confirmed: Mercedes-AMG says the C 63 will lose its V8

One of the worst-kept secrets of recent times has been confirmed from the horse’s mouth; the next Mercedes-AMG C 63 will not be powered by a V8.

// GMSV confirms Kiwi pricing for right-hand drive Corvette

General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) has just confirmed the pricing for the right-hand drive C8 Corvette, expected to arrive early next year.

// BMW brings out the big guns for local M3 and M4 launch

BMW’s M3 sedan is a true icon. While it wasn’t the first model to come from the German performance brand, that title belongs to the M1 supercar, it’s since established itself as the most successful.

// Bread: Inside the charity using million-dollar supercars to help kids in need

Supercars are universally known as a symbol of wealth, so using these high-powered machines as a tool to raise money for the New Zealand children in need might not make sense initially.

// Chevrolet’s beefy Silverado LT Trail Boss off-roader confirmed for NZ

GMSV — which replaced old Holden tuner HSV — is getting ready to launch the new Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss later this year. The Trail Boss will bring some off-road pedigree to the Silverado range in New Zealand.

// NZ Police reveal very first Skoda Superb patrol vehicle

After decades of Holden’s Commodore patrolling New Zealand’s roads, the Australian icon has finally had to bow out or service, making way for its European replacement.