Eight new-build C-types mark Jaguar icon’s 70th

Almost 70 years ago, Jaguar won the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race in France with its revolutionary C-type sports racing car, the forerunner of the legendary D-type.


Roof of many colours on new Mini

A multi-coloured roof is a unique option on the all-new Mini Hatch due to go on sale here in the second half of 2021. BMW announced details of the revised Hatch and Convertible this week, though exact local specifications and price are yet to be confirmed.


AA: Target may not be achievable

The AA is supportive of the Government’s announcements today to reduce transport emissions, but is concerned that the proposed targets may not be possible within the timeframe.


Standard ‘nothing short of virtue signalling’ – VIA Chief Executive

VIA chief executive David Vinsen has called the government’s announcement today that it will go ahead with a vehicle emissions standard as ‘nothing short of virtue signalling.


Toyota welcomes emissions policy; confirms first EV

Hybrid-leader Toyota New Zealand has released a statement in support of new emissions standards released by the government today. Chief executive Neeraj Lala says Toyota New Zealand is committed to reducing the carbon footprint across the full life of its product lines, including manufacturing, distribution and tail pipe emissions.


How will the clean car importation standard work?

How will the new clean car import standard work? Here is a basic – and changing – guide, taken from material released with the announcement and other standards.


Concerns over speed of CO2 rules on vehicles

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern has today confirmed new average emissions standards for light vehicles, a move likely to change the vehicles Kiwi’s can purchase to a level not seen since the importation of used vehicles was opened up in the 1980s.


Nissan to be carbon neutral by 2050

Nissan plans to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations and the life cycle of its vehicles by 2050, the company said this week. And by the early 2030s every all-new Nissan in key markets will be electrified.


NZ ban on new ice passenger vehicle sales suggested from 2035

A sales ban on new internal combustion engine (ICE) passenger vehicles in New Zealand is proposed from at least 2035. So says a newly released study by Concept Consulting and Retyna which adds that more rapid EV uptake could save Kiwis $15 billion in vehicle, fuel and carbon emission costs


Mercury backs policy fast lane for EVs

Mercury welcomes the government’s announcement it will push ahead with introducing a clean car import standard and its signalled openness to a “feebate” scheme to encourage faster EV uptake.


Tesla updates Model S and X

Tesla has launched one its biggest updates to the Model S and Model X. The ground-up rethink to its flagship vehicles introduces an all-new interior, two new powertrains, more performance, technology and refined styling.


Tesla’s Q4 2020 profitable

Tesla is ahead on revenue after producing its sixth consecutive profitable quarter but missed meeting its earnings target in its newly released report on fourth quarter earnings last year.


Emission reduction measures announced

A ‘Clean Car Import Standard’ to reduce emissions and Kiwis’ fuel costs will be passed this year and the standard start next year. That’s among a raft of measures planned by the government to help meet New Zealand’s 2050 carbon neutral target,


First step towards planned EV transition welcomed

Drive Electric welcomes the government’s announcement of a ‘Clean Car Import Standard’, saying it’s the first step toward a planned EV transition.


Clean Car Import Standard, The First Step Towards A Planned EV Transition

Emissions import standards announcement a sign that 2021 will be the year we get serious about cleaning up our cars


Marques face ‘tough ask’ to hit emissions goals

Toyota NZ commits to reducing its carbon footprint and prepares to launch its first pure electric car in the local market. Toyota New Zealand has pledged to dramatically cut its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions but admits the latest targets set by the government are a “tough ask”.


AA raises clean-car standard concerns

Warning that the car industry will need more time to adjust to tough emissions rules. The AA fears the government’s new proposals to cut transport emissions may lead to higher prices for new cars and people hanging on to older vehicles for longer.


EV advocate hails plans to cut emissions

Clean-car standard tipped to boost the number of EVs in our new and used vehicle markets. Drive Electric has welcomed the government’s latest push to cut transport emissions as a “first step towards managing a transition away from fossil fuel vehicles”.


Industry body urges rethink over clean-car policy target

The MIA wants new and used imported vehicles to face the same rules and warns the government is moving too fast on slashing emissions. The Motor Industry Association (MIA) is calling on the government to slow down its plans to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from passenger vehicles.


Used car prices drive up CPI

Buyers unable to travel overseas are reportedly turning to vehicles and other big-ticket purchases instead. Prices for used cars enjoyed their biggest climb in more than 20 years after increasing in the December quarter by 4.6 per cent when compared to the previous three months, according to Stats NZ.


How EVs can save Kiwis $15b

Consultancies call for a suite of policies to help car buyers pick low-emissions vehicles over those with petrol or diesel engines. Accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) may save New Zealanders $15 billion in vehicle, fuel and carbon emission costs by 2050, according to a new study.


NZ Govt announces plan to slash gas guzzlers by 2025

Today the New Zealand Government has confirmed a significant step in its plans to reduce CO2 emissions on home soil, most notably by introducing a new Clean Car Standard by 2025 — just four years away — which will impact both new cars and used cars.


Tesla unveils new Model S, features ‘knight rider’ style steering wheel

After an onslaught of coverage on the nameplate, Tesla has finally unveiled its new and improved Model S — the large ‘sedan’ that helped start the firm’s path to becoming an electric car powerhouse. And the Model X has inherited a series of updates, too.


Honda NZ finally confirms all-new Jazz for kiwi line-up

After plenty of will-they-won’t-they speculation, Honda’s local arm has confirmed that the all-new Jazz will be sold in New Zealand, with its arrival scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.


Analysis: Car brands will struggle to hit govt’s strict new CO2 rules

The big news of the day is the New Zealand government’s roll-out of a new Clean Car Standard plan that it aims to pass by the end of the year, designed to minimise the amount of CO2 emissions produced by Kiwi motorists each year.


Toyota NZ calls for EV initiatives in face of ‘tough ask’ CO2 targets

In the wake of yesterday’s news of a planned Clean Car Standard, set to come into full effect in 2025, Toyota New Zealand CEO Neeraj Lala has stressed the importance of setting up initiatives to help make next-gen vehicles more accessible to buyers.


Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS powers up

Triumph has given its range-topping supernaked a thorough update for 2021, including a revamped engine with a healthy gob more power. The traditional three-cylinder layout continues but capacity has been bumped from 1050cc to 1160cc.


Small Minis and mad M5s

Mini has given the Cooper a decent update for 2021 and BMW has decided the M5 isn’t quite as much of a lunatic as it could be. There’s something for everyone!


Local motor industry responds to new emissions rules

The Government today announced new key policy decisions to reduce New Zealand’s carbon emissions generated by the transport industry. These include promising to pass a law implementing its long-planned Clean Car Import Standard this year, as part of a suite of climate change measures.


Watch: SSC’s Tuatara sets production car speed record with 450km/h run

Just when we thought that SSC had blown the Koenigsegg out of the water with a blistering top speed run over in the Nevada desert, the brand was called out over legitimacy concerns.


How GM plans to protect its new Corvette from ‘heavy-footed’ owners

Chevrolet will artificially limit the power of the new Corvette when it reaches New Zealand Australian markets because owners can’t be trusted to read its manual.


M5 CS: BMW’s most powerful car of all time confirmed for NZ

If you aren’t familiar with BMW’s CS badge yet, it’s found on the most hardcore variants of the M cars, and we’ve seen it appear on the M3 and the M2 previously.


Government Clean Car Standard for New Zealand: what exactly does a 105g model look like?

The New Zealand Government’s just-announced Clean Car Standard has set a CO2 target of 102g/km by 2025, a reduction of almost 40 per cent from the current new-vehicle average. Utes and vans must hit 132g in the same timeframe.