// Mercedes-Benz accelerating toward an emissions-free future

Mercedes-Benz says it is getting ready to go all-electric by the end of the decade, where market conditions allow.

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// Will Tiwai Point become the world’s first ‘green hydrogen’ factory?

As emission regulations around the world tighten, brands look to find alternative fuel sources, and it seems that electricity might not be the long-term answer due to unsustainable practices.

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// AUTOHUB | Vehicle shipping and logistics made easy.

AUTOHUB offer the easiest way to import and export vehicles across a range of global shipping routes, securely transporting your vehicle door to door with a guaranteed fixed price.


// The SSC tuatara’s 316mph world record was a big fat lie

You may remember the widespread reporting last October of an incredible world-record speed run from American firm SSC, with its Tuatara hypercar.

// The easiest way to make a Tesla sound interesting

New Tesla models come with an external speaker as part of its pedestrian warning system. While this is inherently for safety, Tesla has opened the system up to accept external audio tracks.


// Right-hand drive Chevrolet C8 corvette already sold out in Australia

Officials from General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) have confirmed that Australia’s first batch of all-new right-hand drive 2022 Chevrolet Corvette C8s have already sold out.

// Video: Peugeot celebrating ‘new status’ as EVs launch

Peugeot’s local distributor Auto Distributors says it now has a ‘new status’ within the brand’s structure with the announcement of emissions standards and rebates for New Zealand.

// Cableprice adds Mercedes-Benz vans new vehicle sales for South Island

CablePrice will now be selling Mercedes-Benz Vans throughout its South Island network along with current parts and service support for the brand.

// Public pays $200k over tyre mountain

Council counts the cost of legal battle after tyre-recycling venture fails.

// Logistics company makes big move

Jacanna enhances offerings for car imports as it finds new home to keep up with rapid expansion of business.

// Ford, Argo AI to deploy autonomous vehicles on Lyft network

Ford Motor Co. and a self-driving vehicle company it partly owns will join with the Lyft ride-hailing service to offer autonomous rides on the Lyft network.

// Why Mercedes-Benz is happy to not make the cut

The German premium brand with an electric car closest priced to the Government’s $80,000 ceiling for a Clean Car rebate is withstanding temptation to take advantage of that incentive.

// The Good Oil: Ford made electric versions of the Ranger and Focus absolutely ages ago

There’s so much angst over looming Clean Car fines and the lack of electric utes for hard-working, adventure-focused New Zealanders who absolutely need a high vehicle with a tray. Which is most of us, if you look at the sales stats.

// BEV or PHEV: which should you choose?

In a crucial step towards making New Zealand carbon neutral by 2050, the government favoured two types of vehicles that could be operated without producing tailpipe emissions when it introduced the Clean Car Discount scheme on July 1.

// Skoda New Zealand’s hero Octavia RS will go electric by the end of the year

The one Skoda that has achieved near-cult status in the last two decades is the high-performance Octavia RS. It’s a traditional go-fast petrol-powered sedan or (especially) wagon.



// Current National New Car Deals

Updated every Friday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials.

// Clean Car Calculator

Input vehicle make and/or model to calculate if the car will receive a rebate, fee or sits in the zero band (no change).