// Nissan Bluebird EV celebrates 35 years of Sunderland production

To celebrate 35 years of production at its Sunderland plant in the United Kingdom, Nissan has created an electric restored-modified (resto-mod) Bluebird car which was the first model off the factory line in 1986.

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// Toyota NZ stalwart calls time after 45-year career

Toyota New Zealand has confirmed that one of its longest-standing staffers is retiring from the industry after more than four decades in the industry.

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// A high margin product with ongoing revenue

Designed to be easily applied by your valets with minimal training required, plus you’ll get ongoing commissions from customers purchasing refill products online.

Newcoat is not just a paint coating system; it’s a total maintenance solution for all surfaces of the vehicle. Formulated from pure Silica Dioxide, it gives a crystal-clear layer, permanently bonded to the vehicle.

Best of all, there’s a 5+5 year warranty. If your customers can’t remove dirt or stains from the paint, fabric or leather, Newcoat will assist with professional advice and assistance up to a value of $1,500 per event.


// Maserati teases MC20 drop-top with first official images

Maserati’s seemingly victorious return to the supercar world, the MC20, debuted last year in hard-top coupe form.

// Little change following Clean Car Standard consultation

Little change has been proposed to the Land Transport (Clean Car) Amendment Bill following the select committee stage.


// Fully electric SUV launched

Luxury marque’s first battery-electric car the first of “many new and exciting” models to be launched.

// Polestar raises green charging awareness

Performance EV manufacturer Polestar has teamed up with Dutch solar designer Marjan van Aubel to engage and educate around the power of renewable energy, through a series of social media content.

// People mover gains top safety rating

Results for Hyundai vehicle and van described as good news for families and fleet buyers. PLUS – video

// Is Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta making driving safer? Or is it a safety hazard?

Kevin Smith has a love-hate relationship with driving. He was rear-ended twice in a short span of time, his daughter crashed her car weeks after getting her driver’s license and his mother chose to surrender hers after she started missing red lights.

// Homegrown supercharged Suzuki Jimny revealed

We’re big fans of the Suzuki Jimny over at NZ Autocar. Cheap and cheerful, packed with character, and exceptional off-road. It’s almost enough to forget that fairly questionable safety rating, hey …

// New Zealand steers clear of global diesel additive crisis

Domestic production of urea should be easily strong enough to keep Kiwi diesel drivers on the road beyond when counterparts overseas might be forced to a stop.

// Ford pokes fun at EV haters, cops a bit of backlash

Ford Motor Company’s character arc has been an interesting one to plot over the last few years, as it’s gone from the V8 Mustang and Ranger ute company to a company aiming to position itself at the forefront of electric vehicles.

// Ford F-150 Lightning and hybrid trucks will charge other EVs

Ford has confirmed the F-150 Lightning and F-150 hybrid variants will now be able to help out stricken EV owners with vehicle-to-vehicle charging.

// Tesla pulls Roadster pricing from website, removes reservations for top-spec model

Though Tesla is probably the most successful automotive brand in the world right now, it’s a bit all over the place with upcoming models, leaving fans wondering where orders are actually at.



// Current National New Car Deals

Updated every Friday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials.

// Clean Car Calculator

Input vehicle make and/or model to calculate if the car will receive a rebate, fee or sits in the zero band (no change).