PODCAST: Dane Fisher On SIXT

In late 2020, Giltrap Group general manager of business development joined host Richard Edwards to discuss the brand’s new mobility and rental business SIXT.


Tribunal Declares Taylor a Trader

The Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal declared banned trader Warwick Taylor’s broking activity as trading late last year – leaving little doubt that he is working against regulations.


Steve West On Five Years Of Chargenet

Late in 2020, ChargeNet chief executive Steve West joined host Richard Edwards to discuss their growing network, plans for the future and the broader promotion of the EV industry.


At Local EV Service Ditched at Devonport

AT Local, a publicly funded EV rideshare service on Auckland’s North Shore Devonport peninsula launched in 2018 by Auckland Transport (AT), has been dropped by the agency in favour of improved bus services in the area.


Nordic EV Summit Postponed Again

COVID-19 precautions have led to the postponement of the Nordic EV Summit from April 21 and 22 to November 10 and 11 this year.


Ten Million BEVs And PHEVs On Global Roads

Cumulative EV sales reached 10.8 million in December 2020. So says EV-volumes in reporting that 2020 became a great year for plug-in vehicles.


VW Teases Trinity EV

Volkswagen expects a new Trinity electric car will be its next flagship EV. The Trinity project is mentioned by VW chief executive Herbert Diess on Twitter, saying it comes after the ID.


Toyota Pays US$232M Settlement Over Emissions Lawsuit

The world’s largest vehicle manufacturer has been confirmed to have come under investigation by America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the understood failure to accurately self-report emissions data, with Toyota agreeing to a settlement after the five-year investigation closed.


“Blatant Speculation”: Ford Slams Electric Mustang Rumours

One of the big stories around the traps this week has been a fresh report claiming that the beloved Ford Mustang would become fully electric by the time its next generation came.


Atecas Amended

The Cupra Ateca has been updated for 2021, likewise the Seat Ateca, subtly for the most part, but the big news for this year is the arrival of Cupra’s first offering that isn’t a Seat makeover.


Porsche’s Next Electric Car Spotted Without Camouflage

Any questions or uncertainty about what Porsche’s upcoming Taycan Cross Turismo will look like can just about be thrown out the window, thanks to yet another spotting of the EV wagon, in public, with no camouflage.


Hyundai To Say Goodbye To Diesel Engines?

To put it lightly, Hyundai has a buck each way. They’ve quickly established themselves as a mainstream EV leader, while also dabbling in hydrogen.


Save The Date: Audi E-Tron GT Launch Confirmed For February

After literally years of flapping about with concepts, prototypes, spy footage, and camouflage, Audi has finally announced the launch date of its highly anticipated e-tron GT. And, it’s soon.


Hyundai kills new diesel engine development

A new report from Korea is claiming Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) has stopped developing new diesel engines for itself as well as the Kia and Genesis brands.


Top automotive tech at CES 2021

The atmosphere at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, held virtually for the first time due to the pandemic, struck a different tone than in years past.


Lotus looks to Renault’s Alpine for help on electric sports car

Lotus Cars is looking outside its Chinese owner’s sprawling empire for help preparing for an electric future, joining forces with another small automaker to develop a battery-powered sports car.


Volkswagen announces first details of brand new flagship

Volkswagen has revealed initial details of its new flagship – a state-of-the-art electric car called Project Trinity.


Good Oil: How BMW M skidded right around Covid-19

BMW Group sales fell by 8.4 per cent worldwide in 2020, thanks mostly to Covid-19. But the company’s high-performance M division clearly has no time for pandemics and actually recorded a sales record of 144,218 globally, exceeding the previous best year by 5.9 per cent.


Why a no-discount business model is a no-brainer for some Kiwi car companies

Toyota New Zealand (TNZ) made national headlines back in 2018 when it moved to an agency model of business called The Drive Happy Project.


Report: Ford to go all-electric with Mustang by 2029

It’s one of America’s most iconic badges, but the Ford Mustang might be going all-electric by 2029 if a recent industry report is correct.


Spanish brand Hurtan turns Mazda’s MX-5 into a vintage roadster

If you haven’t heard of Mitsuoka, you are missing out. It’s a Japanese brand that’s famous for turning normal cars into vintage masterpieces, with its most famous work being based on Nissan’s Silvia line-up.


Seven models that show the MPV is alive and well

During the 1980s and 90s, you couldn’t go far without seeing a Mitsubishi L300 Sport Pack, Nissan Homy or Mazda Bongo Brawny out on the roads.