// Current National New Car Deals Revealed

This Special Report shows every brand’s current National New Car deals.

Changed in the last 7 days:
Audi, Ford, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Skoda, Suzuki, Volkswagen.


// Kiwi company comes up with tyre recycling scheme

As cars continue to evolve, how exactly to recycle them continues to be a topic of spirited discussion.

// Waste tyres to help make cement

Millions of tyres to be saved from landfill following factory’s multimillion-dollar upgrade.


// Subaru confirms march as its best nz sales month in history

More manufacturers have started to showcase positive local sales results in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic’s Kiwi peak,

// Subaru boss thanks hard working dealer network

Subaru New Zealand says a perfect storm resulted in the dealer network achieving 461 new vehicle sales in March 2021, which was 20% more sales in one month than previously recorded.

// Subaru hails record sales

Marque’s managing director describes the recent levels of new-car trade as a “phenomenal boost” for the industry.


// Hyundai’s first ute teased

Hyundai has released some new official teaser image for the Santa Cruz small ute ahead of a full reveal on April 15.

// Hyundai ute revealed: first Santa Cruz teaser images appear

The story of Hyundai producing its first ute is a long, long one. It started a long six years ago, when the Korean marque debuted a compact sporty concept ute called the ‘Santa Cruz’, with this followed by plenty of speculation.


// Nissan’s V8-powered Patrol gets NISMO variant for Easter

Once a powerhouse in the global automotive market, Nissan has had a tough last decade, marred by sketchy dealings from its former CEO, so it’s not doing overly great these days.

// Nissan’s new Patrol Nismo v8 is a big, bygone era bruiser

There’s something so delightfully dumb about strapping a powerful V8 to a big, wallowing not-so-performance-orientated SUV platform, and watching what results.


// Kia adds 2wd hybrid Sorento price leader

Kia has added a front-wheel drive EX entry model to its hybrid-powered Sorento seven-seat SUV range.


// EV supply unaffected by latest delays

EV dealerships are not expecting any issues from continuing COVID-19 restrictions overseas, especially with France in a three-week lockdown, or the Suez Canal ship blockage.

// Pillay joining Provident Insurance

Provident Insurance has announced the appointment of well-known automotive industry executive Dass Pillay as its new business development manager from May 2020.

// Mercedes teams with NZ fashion label

New Zealand-based fashion label Maggie Marilyn has become a brand partner of Mercedes-Benz New Zealand.

// Skoda expanding dealer network for further growth

In spite of supply and shipping issues Skoda New Zealand is expanding its dealer and service network locally as it prepares for further market growth from winning a Police supply contract

// BMW’s more versatile vehicle app

BMW has launched an all-new My BMW app which replaces the current BMW Connected app.

// Ed Finn takes over Kia’s PR

Livewire Auckland public relations man Ed Finn who handled Holden’s media and corporative relations in recent years has been appointed to do the same job for Kia New Zealand.

// Industry body calls for scrap action

The MTA wants to see the “worst” vehicles come off our roads for environmental and safety reasons.

// Honda NZ recall to replace fuel pumps

Marque acts after discovering hundreds of vehicles in New Zealand may be fitted with a defective part.

// Skoda Octavia lands in NZ

Skoda’s newest machine, the fourth-generation Octavia, has arrived in New Zealand but, thanks to the challenging global situation, its launch is hampered by constrained supply.

// Is VW really changing its name to Voltswagen?

A few days ago an incomplete version of an announcement was accidentally posted on Volkswagen of America’s website, saying that the company would change its name to ‘Voltswagen’ in the USA before it quickly disappeared

// Edmunds puts Tesla’s range to the test and it comes up short

US website Edmunds recently published the results of its real-world range testing for electric vehicles. Notably, every Tesla the team tested in 2020 came up short of matching the EPA’s range estimate.

// Mercedes- AMG confirms huge power for incoming C 63

Mercedes-AMG has detailed the forthcoming C 63’s powertrain, which is set to halve the cylinders and add electrification for a gargantuan amount of power.

// Lexus shows off electric future with stunning LF-Z concept

Lexus is embarking on a monumental change over the next five years. The luxury Japanese brand has committed to introducing 20 new vehicles by 2025 — 10 with some form of electric power.

// Kia’s sharp EV6 confirmed for New Zealand with over 500km of range

Once upon a time, Tesla had a monopoly on electric vehicles capable of going fast. As more brands enter the electric sphere, insanely fast cars have almost come to be expected from every brand.

// Watch: Is BMW’s new M3 the best yet? Zooming with DRIVEN

This week it’s just Dean and Andrew on the panel, and we start things off with some sad news. Just last week, DRIVEN’s former Editor Tony Verdon tragically passed away whilst swimming near his home in Whangarei heads.


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