// Ford introduces plug-in Escape, drops price of electrified vans

Ford is working hard to realign its fleet to take advantage of the Clean Car Discount. The fees kick in next year for the more polluting vehicles and Ford knows a few of its current vehicles will be hurt.

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// ‘Door to door’ with one fixed price

At AUTOHUB we don’t sell or buy cars. Instead, for 18 years we’ve been offering the easiest way to import and export your vehicles, and we offer a ‘door to door’ service for one fixed price.


// Revealed: Hyundai unveils 206kw i30 N sports sedan

Hyundai has whipped the covers off its latest hot Nurburgring-flavoured performance car; the i30 Sedan N.

// Wireless charging key to boosting EV uptake

Advances in technology look set to make recharging electric cars possible while on the move.


// Kia Carnival ‘Hi Limousine’ revealed as an uber-luxurious MPV

Just recently, DRIVEN tested Kia’s new Carnival on Kiwi roads, and we could only say good things about this MPV that’s bringing the fight in an SUV-filled world.

// Ford tells dealers it won’t pay clean car fee

Ford New Zealand (FNZ) has told its dealer network it will not pay the clean car fee for a customer because the dealership promised them a vehicle could be delivered in 2021.


// Dongfeng Warrior M50 revealed as China’s answer to the original Hummer

Long before SUVs ruled the world’s roads, the ginormous Hummer H1 was a sight to behold, and dwarfed almost every other passenger vehicle on the market.

// New Dealer Principal for Iveco NZ

IVECO New Zealand has appointed Barry Woods to the position of dealer principal. He starts the role on July 15 and comes with more than 10 years of experience in the vehicle industry across various management roles.

// Many 965km range EVs in 2025

EVs with 965km range will grab market share even as city cars. So says IDTechEx in its report Routes to 1000 Mile (1600km) Battery Electric Cars 2021-2041,

// SUV receives makeover

Demand for Subaru’s vehicles in New Zealand is at an all-time high but supplies remain limited.

// France and Germany disagree with 2035 EU petrol car ban

There’s been plenty of speculation in 2021 around whether the European Union would follow the UK’s lead and announce a ban on internal combustion engine vehicles before the end of the year.

// Diesel trucks to be banned in the UK from 2040

The UK, widely known as one of the first to announce a deadline for the phase out of internal combustion engine cars, is set to go one step further and confirm plans for a similar ban on diesel trucks and commercials.



// Current National New Car Deals

Updated every Friday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials.

// Clean Car Calculator

Input vehicle make and/or model to calculate if the car will receive a rebate, fee or sits in the zero band (no change).