Kia Incorporates EVs And Sustainability

Kia Motors Corporation becomes just Kia Corporation and seven new EVs by 2027 are among brand strategy and future ambitions revealed by the company.

Revamped Audi Q5 Reaches New Zealand

A shallower octagonal grille, higher side air intakes highlighted by trapezoidal insets, and redesigned LED headlights and daytime running lights are visible changes in the revamped Audi Q5 which is now available at New Zealand Audi dealers.

Montgomery Takes The Helm At Volvo Nz

Ben Montgomery (pictured) is moving from Jaguar Land Rover to become Volvo New Zealand’s general manager from January 25. Montgomery, currently JLR’s operations manager, replaces Coby Duggan who has been Volvo NZ’s general manager for the past five years.

A 28,000-Year Battery?

A battery which uses nuclear waste called a ‘nano-diamond battery’ could last for 28,000 years without charging, researchers say.

Us Agency Asks Tesla To Recall 158,000 Evs

Tesla has been asked by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to recall 158,000 Model S (certain 2012 to 2018 cars) and Model X (certain 2016 to 2018 cars) EVs relating to potential touch screen issues, various media report.

It’s Back! Renault Reveals Funky Retro Electric R5 Rebirth

Earlier this week it was revealed that French carmaker Renault was investigating the idea of turning back the clock with some reborn nameplates from the past brought back to life as next-gen EVs.

Refreshed Audi Q5 Arrives With More Brains, More Brawn

The hotly contested premium SUV space has a new contender, with Audi New Zealand announcing that its updated Q5 has landed in showrooms around the country.

Skoda Fighting to get its First Electric Car Onto Kiwi Roads

Brands all over the motoring spectrum are rushing to get some kind of electric car into their line-up. Some are doing so in order to be prepared for upcoming bans on internal combustion vehicles overseas, some are doing it for brand positioning and image purposes, and some genuinely see the tech as being a valid answer for commuters in current times.

Hyundai’s largest SUV is here

Following hot on the heels of the extensively refreshed Santa Fe, Hyundai’s upper-large SUV kingpin, the Palisade, has landed in New Zealand, along with pricing and final specifications.

Tesla baulks at touch screen recall, US agency takes action

Tesla Inc. is baulking at recalling about 159,000 vehicles with potentially defective touch screens, so U.S. safety regulators are moving to force the company to take action.

Renault teases the reborn and all-electric 5 supermini

The news was spoilt a little earlier this week but Renault has come through and confirmed it is bringing back the Renault 5 as an all-electric supermini.

Toyota to pay US$180M for failing to report emissions defects

Toyota will pay $180 million to settle U.S. government allegations that it failed to report and fix pollution control defects in its vehicles for a decade.

Mover over Duster! Dacia and Lada join forces to create the Bigster SUV

With its emphasis on no-frills, tough and inexpensive SUVs, Romanian brand Dacia (sold as “Renault” in New Zealand with the Duster) is pretty much the modern equivalent of Lada. Anybody remember those iconic “Nothing but car!” ads shown in New Zealand in the 1980s?

Porsche 914 is reborn in carbon fibre, with a grunty Cayman flat-six engine and 6sp manual

British company Fifteen Eleven Design has a day job: it’s a division of Mellors Elliot Motorsport, which has been making racing cars (especially rally) for over 40 years.

German tuning firm pumps Toyota’s tiny GR Yaris up to 231kW

And so the race is on with the Toyota GR Yaris: not around a circuit or gravel road, but among the world’s tuning firms to see who can boost the pocket-rocket by the most.