Loopit Launches In NZ

Australian car subscription business Loopit has officially launched in the New Zealand market, announcing a partnership with the Giltrap Group and global car rental giant SIXT.


Petition to Recall Teslas Rejected

A request to investigate unintended acceleration in Tesla EVs has been rejected by the US government’s automotive safety agency which says drivers hit the wrong pedal.


Dealer numbers drop 4.4%

Register shrinks for the fourth month in a row but the annual decline is lower than the previous year.


Giltrap scheme teams up with Aussie tech

“Subscriptions provide an opportunity for dealerships to innovate” – Dane Fisher, Giltrap Group


General Motors, Kia Both Unveil New-Look Logos

You’ll have no doubt heard plenty of ‘new year, new me’ sentiment so far in 2021. But, unlike most ambitious new-year resolutions, General Motors and Kia have both already acted on theirs.


Apple to Produce its First Car With Help From Hyundai?

A few years ago there was a mountain of rumour and innuendo around tech giant Apple pushing to produce a car — a logical move in this age of electrification and autonomy. Speculation about the project was dormant for a period, but now it’s back.


Confirmed: Elon Musk Now the Richest Human Alive

After a meteoric rise in the wealth charts in 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has managed to overtake Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.


Australia to Trial ‘Cash For Clunkers’ Scheme to Get Rid of Old Cars

After years of watching the US and UK put through various ‘cash for clunkers’ schemes, which see a partial buy-back of old cars via significant discounts on new cars in order to lower the age of the national fleet and boost the economy, a similar scheme is set to be launched over the ditch in Australia.


Lock Up Your SUVs: Subaru Reveals ‘Greatest Outback of all Time’

Yes yes, I know, the Subaru Outback (and a multitude of the brand’s other low-bodied offerings) are touted as SUVs. But, station wagon fans nationwide should celebrate the Outback as one of their own — even in silence.


New logo for GM in a bid to electrify image

General Motors is changing its corporate logo and launching an electric vehicle marketing campaign to reshape its image as clean vehicle company, rather than a builder of gas-powered pickups and SUVs.


US safety agency rejects petition to recall Tesla vehicles

The U.S. government’s auto safety agency has rejected a request to investigate unintended acceleration in Tesla electric vehicles, saying the acceleration was caused by drivers pushing the wrong pedal.


If only: Jeep Vangler rendering hints at the impossible

For the same reason that car enthusiasts seem to love station wagons, vans have also fallen into the same category. And for a vehicle with almost no redeeming factors in the dynamic driving sphere, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.


Report: Tesla’s ‘game-changing’ $35,000 EV to arrive by 2022

While Tesla’s Model 3 was marketed around the world as the affordable way to get into luxury electric motoring, the reality of a $70,000 electric sedan landed in New Zealand missed the mark a little.


Marques predict sales rebound

Hyundai and Kia hope a growing demand for electric vehicles will bolster business in the year ahead. Hyundai and its affiliate Kia predict global vehicle sales to increase by 11.5 per cent in 2021 after being in decline for the past two years.


New faces for peak body

Pair bring extensive industry experience to organisation across the ditch. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) is hailing the appointment of two new senior executives as “deep and abiding change” looms.