// Elon Musk Gifted 5 Million Tesla Shares Worth Billions To Charity

At this point, there’s no information about which charity received the support from Musk.

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// Super Bowl Ads Push’s EV Model Pageviews To Skyrocket says Kia and Polestar came out on top.

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// Texas Could Get 75,000 New Jobs With Build Back Better Act

Build Back Better could bring Texas-sized growth to the Texas job market!

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// US: EV Chargers Will Outnumber Gas Stations Soon

This refers to the number of charging stalls compared to individual fuel pumps and they are already very close.

// Hydrogen For Cars & Trucks Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come — And Gone

The window for hydrogen-powered motor vehicles is closing fast, says a new report from Fraunhofer ISI.

// DOE to plough US$3bn into battery supply chain

America’s Department of Energy (DOE) has issued two notices of intent to provide US$2.91bn to boost the production of advanced batteries.

// Freedom Fight: Wisconsin Utilities Try To Ban Private Solar Power

Wisconsin utility companies want the government to outlaw solar-powered EV chargers on private property!

// Lucid Air Dream Edition Fast Charging Comparison: 350 kW vs 150 kW

We know the 350 kW station will charge faster but by how much? The answer may surprise you.

// Walgreens Stores To Add 1,000 High-Speed Electric Car Chargers

1,000 Volta Level 3 EV Fast Chargers Are Coming To Walgreens Stores!

// Global light vehicle battery market trends

A look back at last year’s data reveals some astonishing, although not unexpected, trends in global battery demand for electrified LV production.

// Netherlands: Tesla Opened All Superchargers To Non-Tesla EVs

It happened. CCS2-compatible electric cars can charge at all Tesla Supercharging stations.


// Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 Charges In With 677 HP

It sprints to sixty in 3.2 seconds with the optional Dynamic package that ups power from the standard 617 hp.

// The NHTSA Is Being Petty With Tesla Again

Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed its distaste for Tesla’s Boombox feature.

// Jeep – future SUVs to the 2030s

Jeep is one of the jewels in Stellantis’ crown of money-making divisions. So a move into EVs really matters.

// Polestar 5 To Debut Bespoke Bonded Aluminum Platform In 2024

It’s said to give the electric performance sedan superior torsional rigidity to that of a traditional two-seat sports car or supercar.

// Building supply chains for on-time, on-cost EV manufacturing

As the auto industry eyes high growth in EVs ahead, what does that mean for supply chains?

// Buick Teases Electric Concept Ahead Of Debut This Summer

All we get to see is the upper lighting signature that reminds us of the 2020 Buick Electra crossover concept.

// Toyota invests in EV parts capacity in USA

Toyota is planning a new EV parts plant in the US in West Virginia.

// Tesla Giga Texas: Model Y Spotted Leaving The Plant

They are different than the ones seen before.

// SES expands into South Korea

US-based SES wants to strengthen ties with important strategic partners such as Hyundai, SK and LG.

// Tesla Model Y Officially Arrives In UK: Delivery Events Abound

Tesla started taking UK orders for the Model Y in October 2021, with the promise to begin deliveries in early 2022