// NIO Reports 9,652 EV Sales In January 2022

No five-digit result this time.

// Europe: Plug-In Car Sales Exceeded 2.27 Million In 2021

Tesla Model 3 was the most popular model, while Volkswagen Group captured the largest market share among automotive groups.

// Poland’s EV Market Is Quickly Catching Up With The Rest Of Europe

Under the radar, Poland’s market for EVs is quickly catching up with the rest of Europe. Here’s what you missed.


// Tesla Superchargers Are Now Open To All EVs (In Europe)

Tesla has expanded access to its network of Superchargers to all EV drivers in parts of Norway and France.

// Electrify America tops other EV charging networks in study of user experience

The study was an evaluation of the user experience, but not the EV ownership experience or the feasibility of road-trips on each particular network.

// Research Undermines Jobs & E-Petrol Claims Of The Fossil Industry In Its Bid To Save Engines

A concerted campaign by lobbyists to save the combustion engine and delay the switch to electric vehicles was dealt a blow last month when tests revealed the pollution of their supposedly green technological solution.

// Stelco Enters EV Battery Recycling Market Through Primobius

Stelco, which is a steelmaker producing flat-rolled, cold-rolled, and hot-rolled steel products, has announced that it is entering the electric vehicle battery recycling market through agreements with Primobius GmbH.


// Lightyear shows importance of aero: 250-mile range at 85+ mph, with just 60 kwh?

Lightyear has prioritized efficiency in multiple ways, but aerodynamic efficiency stands out with this test at very rapid freeway speeds.

// Porsche Macan EV Shows Its Face In New Spy Photos

The upcoming electric Macan will have a two-tier headlight cluster design.

// Which Legacy Automaker Will Truly Lead On Electric Vehicles?

The tipping point for EV adoption will not be some technical advance or killer new model.

// Lotus teases electric sports car due in 2026, new “battery cell package”

Lotus is teaming with the UK supplier Britishvolt for an electric sports-car platform, multiple sports cars, and some level of battery innovation.

// Tesla Model S Plaid Steering Yoke Reinforces NHTSA Recommendation

Tesla emphasizes its focus on safety, and in this case, it’s following NHTSA’s lead to keep people from getting injured.

// NIO Has Already Built The First ET5 Validation Prototypes

That was fast, as the ET5 electric sedan has only been unveiled on December 18, 2021.

// Behind-The-Meter Grid Augmentation: The Missing Piece Of The Fast Electric Charging Puzzle

I have a friend who builds electric charging networks and drives a Leaf. I, on the other hand, established an EV-centric website and drive a plug-in hybrid.

// Tesla Can’t Offer Pennsylvania Residents State Inspection Because They Don’t Have Emissions Testing Equipment

In the tweet below by @JeffTutorials, he addressed the silliness of this outdated law and pointed out that these laws are designed to profit legacy automakers.

// The Kia EV6 Is A “Compelling Electric Car”

The Kia EV6 is tuned to the tastes and wallets of American car buyers.

// Odin Automotive starts production of StreetScooter

Production starts just three weeks after change of ownership.

// BASF expands polyamides and polyphthalamides in Europe

Now EC M&A conditions have expired, BASF is selling new materials in Europe.