World’s first fully-electric Bentley isn’t what you’d expect

In the scheme of things, the Volkswagen Group has been somewhat behind the times when it comes to the electric movement, with Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen only just getting all-electric models.

Electric Bentleys from Lunaz

Full production of the “world’s first electric Bentleys” will be undertaken by EV engineering company Lunaz in the UK.

Old-school Bentleys become silent EVs with conversion

Regular readers of NZ Autocar will be familiar with a brand called Lunaz, who have established themselves as a one-stop-shop for those wanting incredible nut-and-bolt restorations and electric conversions for their classic cars.


ANCAP zero-star test ruffles Aussie industry feathers

ANCAP Safety’s zero-star rating from crash testing the Mitsubishi Express light commercial van has ruffled feathers within the Australian automotive industry.

Mitsubishi Express van awarded zero stars from ANCAP

The Mitsubishi Express has had its safety assessed by ANCAP and the results aren’t good. In fact, the zero-star award is the lowest ever score ANCAP has given in its entire 28-year history.


Aston Martin returns to F1 after 61 years

The Aston Martin returns to Formula One for the first time since 1960 as the team presented its new car and revealed a slick livery of British racing green last night.

Aston Martin returning to Formula One

After a 61 year absence from the Formula One motorsport championship, Aston Martin will make its return official with drivers Sebastien Vettel and Lance Stroll at the Bahrain Grands Prix on March 28.


Video: Lego-style EV battery swap in under 10 minutes

An autonomous EV battery swapping station that removes depleted battery modules and replaces them with fully charged ones is being rolled out in California and is expected to go global.


EV defeating hybrid wins European car of the year

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid has defeated the fully electric Fiat 500e and the Volkswagen ID.3 to take out the 2021 European Car of the Year award.

Transdiesel’s newest board member eyes EVs

New Zealand heavy equipment supplier TransDiesel has appointed experienced chief executive and company director Greg Campbell to its board of directors.

Used-car imports nosedive

A massive jump in new cars crossing our borders coincides with a substantial slump for used vehicles.

Vehicle sell-off boosts profits

Campervan rental division disposes of 1,700 units to realise $137 million in cash.

Patena lands director’s role

Kane Patena, Waka Kotahi’s general manager of regulatory services, will be New Zealand’s first director of land transport.

Watch: New Toyota GR Yaris ad almost gets banned

The idea of seeing advertising on television for the new Toyota GR Yaris is foreign for us Kiwis.

Tuning firm unveils 450kw BMW M3 and M4 twins

It’s barely really hit the road anywhere in the world yet, but BMW’s new M3 and M4 twins are already being attacked by tuning companies around the world

Will the govt’s green car standard hurt car modifiers?

The Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association has released a comprehensive explanation of how the government’s proposed Clean Car Standard legislation will change things for New Zealand’s modified car community.

Revealed: Study names the most likely cars to hit 320,000km

Even though Kiwis love to drive, New Zealand’s position being a tiny wee country means that we’re not necessarily a nation of high-mileage motors.

As new-car sales soar, used-car dealerships in NZ disappear

It’s been a stellar two-month period for new-car sales in New Zealand, with January 2021 representing the third-best January on record and February 2021 representing the best February ever, according to the local Motor Industry Association.

Nissan is building engines with F1 levels of efficiency

Nissan has announced that its next-generation internal combustion engines will reach a level of thermal efficiency currently on seen in Formula 1 engines, and Mercedes-AMG’s power units at that.

Taranaki petrol head builds his own electric bike from scratch

Mitch Pearce owns two Harley Davidsons and seven other motorbikes but his most recent machine is a little different – it’s a home-built e-bike.

California city believed first in US to ban new gas stations

A Northern California city has become what’s believed to be the first in the country to ban all new gas stations in an effort to curb carbon emissions.

Watch: Audi’s all-electric RS e-tron GT hits 250km/h on the Autobahn

Earlier this year Audi whipped the covers off its highly-anticipated e-tron GT, and despite the lack of petrol power, the fast variant has been dubbed the ‘RS’ in typical Audi fashion.

It’s dead: Infiniti calls it quits on the Formula 1-inspired coupe

While Nissan’s luxury sister brand Infiniti hasn’t been a thing in New Zealand for a couple of years now, the marque continues to sell a range of crossovers around the globe.

Watch: Hummer EV demonstrates game-changing ‘CrabWalk’ feature

Hummer has demonstrated the functionality and fun factor of the “crabwalk” feature embedded in its upcoming born-again electric ute.