Ateco group confirmed as new Australian Renault distributor

Groupe Renault has announced the appointment of an independent distributor to operate the Renault network in Australia. Australia joins several overseas markets moving to distributorships as part of Groupe Renault’s global reorganisation.

Colonial motor company expects revenue rise

The Colonial Motor Company has released a guidance update indicating a revenue rise of over 4% for the six months to December 31. It says this is attributable to “a much stronger December than the prior year”.

Mitsubishi sets 30-year sales record

Mitsubishi is going from strength to strength on the New Zealand market, posting a 30-year sales peak of 1426 in January. That number includes 1002 passenger vehicles, with the remainder consisting of Triton utes and Express vans.

Hyundai hoists new flag(ship) in New Zealand

Eight seats, sixteen cup holders and seven USB ports, Hyundai’s new upper-large SUV the Palisade has landed in NZ and it’s a big deal both in size and importance.

EV record drive attempt

Tesla Owners Club of New Zealand founder and president John Fitness is driving his Model 3 from Cape Reinga to Bluff with the least number of charging stops in a record attempt.

Tesla to recall 135,000 EVs over touch screen failures

Tesla is recalling 135,000 Model S and X EVs over older touch screen failures after initially baulking at a US agency’s request to do so.

Surprise trade lift boosts Colonial

Busier than usual December looks set to deliver increases to company’s revenue and trading profit. Colonial Motor Company is in upbeat mood after recent sales have been stronger than expected and half-year revenue looks set to climb by more than four per cent.

Tesla owner aims to travel length of NZ in world record attempt

Few countries can claim to offer a more varied and picturesque drive than the 2068km, 29-hour marathon between Cape Reinga and Bluff — New Zealand top and bottom. And, an Auckland electric car owner is set to try and complete the journey in as few stops as possible.

Ford NZ increases prices for full ranger line-up

New Zealand’s most popular car (well, ute I guess) has just become a touch more expensive, thanks to sweeping price increases across the full line-up. In most cases prices have gone up by several hundred dollars, although some models have gone up by more than $1000.

Spotted: Super sleuths uncover nissan ‘400z’ engine online

Three key questions remain regarding Nissan’s forthcoming replacement for the 370Z; what’s it going to be called, what will it look like, and what’s going to reside under the bonnet.

Daimler to spin off truck business, change name

German automaker Daimler will split itself into two independent companies by spinning off its truck and bus division, a move the company said would give both the freedom to operate more nimbly in a fast-changing environment focussed on zero-emission vehicles and software.

With Trump gone, auto industry now backing California tailpipe emission standards

The world’s automakers say they will cooperate with California officials and President Joe Biden on greenhouse gas emissions, ending a nasty dispute with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration over the regulatory framework for combating climate change.

Tesla US recall affects some NZ cars

A limited number of Tesla vehicles in New Zealand are expected to be affected by the recall of around 135,000 vehicles because the large touch screens on the console can go dark.

Vegan-friendly motoring: Mini drops leather interiors in the name of sustainability

What’s more fashionable than leather interiors in 2021? According to Mini’s new sustainability model, it’s being eco-friendly.

NZ Tesla owner to drive length of country in world record attempt

While our slice of paradise at the bottom of the world may not be large by population standards, driving from the very top to the very bottom will take you around 29, and you’ll cover 2068 odd kilometres.

$240K Skyline GT-R: Is Nissan’s holy grail worth it?

It’s arguably the most iconic car to ever come out of Japan, so there’s no wonder why R34 GT-R prices are shooting through the roof as they start to become legal to import into the US.