// Clean car discount postponed

Revised launch date of April 1 for feebates will “give industry more time to prepare”, and interim rebates for EVs and PHEVs will stay in place until then. PLUS – video

// Delay ‘helpful’

The motor industry has welcomed the government’s announcement of a pushback to the implementation of the Clean Car Standard and discount.

// Government delays clean car discount ‘ute tax’ until April 2022

Transport Minister Michael Wood has confirmed that the government’s second phase of Clean Car Discount legislation has been delayed until April 1, 2022.

// Covid-19: ‘Ute tax’ delayed until April as a result of Delta outbreak

The so-called ute tax has been delayed until April 1 as a result of the Delta outbreak.

// ‘Clean car’ legislation passes first reading; implementation delayed

The legislation required to usher in the governments Clean Car Standard and Discount has passed its first reading in parliament – while at the same time having its implementation date delayed.

// Stalling feebates avoids ‘disaster’

VIA boss hopes postponement of ‘ill-conceived’ scheme will at least allow for proper consultation and implementation.

// Delay is ‘pragmatic step’

Motor Industry Association says postponing feebate scheme’s rollout provides more time to “argue our case”.

// Buying time for industry

MTA says January 1 start date for clean car discount would have been “very difficult to manage”.

// New Zealand’s Clean Car ‘feebate’ Scheme delayed until April 2022

It’s something that has caused quite a bit of controversy of late in the New Zealand automotive world, but the proposed Clean Car ‘feebate’ Scheme has been pushed back to April 1, 2022.