// Revealed: 2022 Audi RS 3 breaks cover with 299kw five cylinder

One of the longest-toothed hot hatches on the market, the Audi RS 3, has finally been given an update.

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// Toyota reveals new Aqua with all-wheel drive and bi-directional charging

Toyota has revealed the new Aqua/Prius C, coming with all-wheel drive, bi-directional charging and self-parking.

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// Big mouth, big performance: new Porsche Macan debuts

Porsche’s stupendously popular Macan performance crossover has been given an overhaul for 2022, bringing more power and tech to one of the marque’s best-selling vehicles.

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// A high margin product with ongoing revenue

Designed to be easily applied by your valets with minimal training required, plus you’ll get ongoing commissions from customers purchasing refill products online.

Newcoat is not just a paint coating system; it’s a total maintenance solution for all surfaces of the vehicle. Formulated from pure Silica Dioxide, it gives a crystal-clear layer, permanently bonded to the vehicle.

Best of all, there’s a 5+5 year warranty. If your customers can’t remove dirt or stains from the paint, fabric or leather, Newcoat will assist with professional advice and assistance up to a value of $1,500 per event.


// An electric Mercedes G-wagen? EV off-roader rumoured

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t mucked around when it comes to electric cars. It was quick to issue the EQC, which has since been followed by the EQA and EQS.

// Secondhand experiences slow month

The roaring secondhand market took a statistical dive in June – likely down to a huge month last year.


// LDV’s new G10+ van already a local hit

LDV has announced a new variant of its G10 commercial van — the G10+ — packing a new powertrain, more refinement, and added features.

// Two complaints not upheld re National party advert on Clean Car package

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has not upheld two complaints relating to a National Party advertisement criticising the Labour Government’s Clean Car package.

// Clean Car mayhem on prices

If you are an importer, do you wish now that you’d stocked up on EVs and PHEVs prior to June 13?

// Demand beating supply in bike market

It appears the bike market is suffering the same strains as the new car trade – with supply the issue rather than demand.

// Battery health hits tribunal again

Russell v Harwood Limited In July 2019, the purchasers acquired their first electric vehicle from the trader, saying they relied on the trader’s advice in choosing their vehicle.

// Enterprise boss slams clean car plans

“It’s hard to guess how the market will react because the clean car discount is a poorly designed and executed policy” – Chris Stephenson

// Course targets specialised skills

Industry training provider aims to attract those in the automotive machining business along with fresh talent.

// Wild pigs produce as much CO2 as 1.1 million cars, study finds

Two of the biggest targets in the push to lower the world’s CO2 emissions are motoring and agriculture.


// Current National New Car Deals

Updated every Friday, here’s a complete list of current National deals for new cars, utes, and light commercials.

// Clean Car Calculator

Input vehicle make and/or model to calculate if the car will receive a rebate, fee or sits in the zero band (no change).