// MIA pulls support for clean car plans

The Motor Industry Association has pulled its partial support for the government’s clean car plans, claiming the legislation required to make it work is highly flawed.

// Minister responds to MIA withdrawal from clean car plans

Minister of transport Michael Wood has responded to a statement from the Motor Industry Association chief executive David Crawford today withdrawing support for its Clean Car plans.

// Industry panel: The legislation behind clean car standard and discount discussed

In this industry panel, a group of industry leaders discuss the Land Transport (Clean Car) Amendment Bill and its associated regulation – the work that will allow the government’s Clean Car Standard and Discount schemes to go ahead.

// Govt’s clean car standard slammed, rejected by NZ motoring industry

A damning press release issued by New Zealand’s Motor Industry Association has confirmed that the group that represents the countries local distributors has withdrawn support for the government’s Clean Car Standard.

// Industry body ditches support for clean car standard

The MIA warns legislation risks imposing “crippling” costs on distributors and failing to effectively cut vehicle emissions.

// Govt responds to “frustrated” MIA statements, clean car withdrawal

Following a strongly worded press statement from the Motor Industry Association, signalling the group’s withdrawal of support of the Clean Car Standard, the government has issued response via Transport Minister Michael Wood.

// MIA attack on Clean Car Standard ‘surprising’: Transport Minister

Earlier today, the Motor Industry Association (MIA) took aim at the proposed Clean Car Standard, saying it “ignored well thought and considered advice from the industry.”

// New car industry pulls support for Clean Car Standard

The Motor Industry Association (MIA), the industry body that speaks for local new car distributors, has withdrawn its support for the Government’s Clean Car Standard, after it “ignored well thought and considered advice from the industry.”

// Government responds to accusation of ‘appalling lack of understanding’ in Clean Car Standard

Transport Minister Michael Wood has responded to the Motor Industry Association’s claim that the Land Transport (Clean Vehicle) Amendment Bill currently in parliament is a revenue gathering exercise that shows little understanding of how vehicles are sourced, or the current global emissions-testing landscape.