‘Monumental’ task for transport

The uptake of electric vehicles and banning pure petrol or diesel vehicles in New Zealand are included in draft report.


Call to ban petrol and diesel imports by 2035

Climate change report pushes for rapid uptake of EVs to help meet emissions targets.


Have your say on ‘ambitious’ climate advice

Public consultation begins on a raft of measures the Climate Change Commission wants the government to act on and fast.


Volvo NZ sets new monthly sales record

Marque aims to once again be the fastest-growing European brand on our shores.


New car sales boost good causes

The Mazda Foundation announces the latest round of grants to support “very important work” across the country.


Cadillac’s new Blackwing sedans are the coolest cars we can’t have

Manual transmissions in performance sedans are a rare commodity, one that New Zealand has missed out on for quite some time now, and considering the new BMW M3 and M4 models are coming here exclusively in Competition guise, we’re going to miss out again.


$2 million duo: Ultra rare Holdens make history over the ditch

As we expected, a Ford no longer holds the title for the most expensive Australian-built car of all time, that record now sits with an incredibly rare HSV Maloo W1 which sold at auction over the weekend.


General Motors announces plans to go all-electric by 2035

General Motors has announced it aims to make most of its cars and trucks emissions-free by 2035, as part of a wider campaign by the American auto giant to go carbon neutral.


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