// Ford NZ on the hybrid train with new escape models

Ford NZ will be offering more hybrid options next year when the ‘self-charging’ petrol electric Escape arrives.

// Hybrid joins Escape range in 2022

In the first half of next year, Ford will add a regular hybrid to its Escape SUV line-up, slotting it in alongside the already-launched plug-in PHEV Hybrid.

// Hybrid SUV to power in

The blue oval’s line-up of electrified models will be boosted by the Escape Hybrid next year.

// Ford set to introduce new Escape hybrid models

Ford has confirmed new Escape Hybrid models are arriving next year, set to slot in below the plug-in hybrid.

// Ford expands Escape range for 2022 with new hybrid model

In the grand scheme of things, Ford New Zealand has been caught a little behind the eight ball with the clean car scheme, with only two plug-in hybrid models in its passenger vehicle range.