Jaguar announces plan to go fully electric by 2025

Jaguar, producers of some of the silkiest sounding six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines and a company steeped in internal combustion history, has announced that it will be ditching all ICE engines by 2025 in what it calls the Reimagine strategy. That’s just four years away.

Jaguar to go entirely electric from 2025

Jaguar Land Rover has announced its new business strategy, called Reimagine, and it will see Jaguar transition entirely to electric power by 2025.

Jaguar all-electric in three years

Jaguar will be all-electric by 2025, Jaguar Land Rover says. JLR will also launch electric models of its entire Jaguar and Land Rover line-up by 2030.

Jaguar reveals plans to become all-electric by 2025

As emissions regulations tighten in Europe, traditional brands are having to drastically reduce carbon output across vehicle line-ups by shifting to EV production.


Vehicles deliveries continue under level 3

Vehicle deliveries are continuing as usual during Auckland’s level 3 COVID-19 restrictions despite some delays.

Lockdown adds to delays at port

Auckland site vows to keep freight moving but admits latest restrictions are likely to frustrate efforts to catch up with demand.

Higher alert levels impact agency

Car owners told police may apply discretion for WOFs close to expiry during the level three lockdown. The NZTA is reminding New Zealanders of the changes to customer services with the Auckland region being in alert level three and the rest of the country in level two.


Could we see the new Nissan GT-R next year?

Rumours of the next Nissan GT-R have been flying since about a minute after the R35 generation debuted in 2007. In the 14 years since, we’ve heard approximately nothing regarding concrete details for the R36 GT-R and, unfortunately, this isn’t changing now.

About time: Nissan GT-R to gain hybrid power in 2022

While it was once the Japanese brand that was on the cutting-edge of performance, Nissan is now a very different state of affairs, with its iconic R35 GT-R remaining largely unchanged for over a decade.


Tesla to start making cars in India?

Tesla Inc. is closing in on an agreement to possibly make electric vehicles in India for the first time, opening up a new growth opportunity after setting up production in China.

Tesla factory for India

Tesla will establish an EV plant in Karnataka, southwest India. That’s according to Karnataka chief minister Bookanakere Yediyurappa who says Tesla will open an electric car manufacturing unit


BYD launching EV pre-sales in July 2021

Chinese electric vehicle brand BYD says it is planning to launch pre-sales of its passenger cars in the Australian and New Zealand markets in July 2021 with newly appointed distribution partner Nexport.

Chinese EV maker targets NZ

Next generation cars will be sold online only with no plans to establish a traditional dealer network. One of China’s largest electric vehicle (EV) companies has sealed a deal to sell cars in New Zealand, with the first models due to arrive in 2022.

NZ’s next Chinese car manufacturer revealed: meet BVD

New Zealand’s new-vehicle distributor landscape is one of the most diverse in the world, thanks to our proximity to Asia and an ongoing local thirst for premium brands. And now another Chinese brand is set to enter the fray — BYD, or Build Your Dreams.


Germany becomes first country to legalise autonomous driving

One of the biggest motoring discussions of recent times has been the awkward elephant in the room; the autonomous driving future that many car-makers are striving to achieve is still illegal in most countries.


Updated, more powerful new Ssangyong Rexton revealed

With most of today’s most popular SUVs being built on monocoque, car-based platforms, news of manufacturers plugging away with old-school ladder chassis SUVs warms the cockles of our heart. And, SsangYong’s entrant in the segment has just been given a midlife makeover.

Entire next-gen Mercedes C-Class range to get four-cylinder power

It’s confirmed – the entire refreshed C-Class range will get four-cylinder power and an automatic gearbox. That includes high-performance AMG variants.

French carmaker rivalry defies Macron’s EV battery vision

President Emmanuel Macron’s vision for France Inc. to join forces in building batteries for cars of the future isn’t going exactly as planned.

Hyundai shows off Ioniq 5’s sustainable interior

Hyundai has released some more images of its forthcoming all-electric Ioniq 5, showing off its eco-friendly interior. The EV was developed with the need for “more eco-conscious mobility solutions” in mind, and while that box is obviously ticked with the electric powertrain, the interior can be a point of difference.

Invercargill motor vehicle dealer to expand its range

A new brand of farm vehicle is arriving in Southland this week. Two Mahindra S6 four-wheel drive single cab utes will be joining the line up of vehicles at Macaulay Motors in Invercargill, with another six expected in March.

Ford teams up with Aussie miners to build driverless utes

An Aussie mining giant has commissioned a new fleet of remote-control utes. Iron ore miner, Fortescue Metals Group, has teamed up with Ford Australia to turn the popular Ford Ranger ute into an autonomous vehicle.

Watch: McLaren teases plug-in hybrid supercar ahead of launch

As far as plug-in hybrids go, McLaren has had quite a head start on more traditional supercar manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. The P1 was the brand’s first plug-in hybrid, released back in 2014.

Apple car story takes new turn: Nissan ruled out, VW “not afraid”

The story of Apple’s pursuit of a dance partner to help it build its first car has taken another turn, with Nissan confirming that it is not in talks with the tech juggernaut after earlier rumours placed the pairing together.

Martin Harwood exits car business after more than 50 years

Auckland-based EV dealer Martin Harwood has closed Harwood Cars after more than 50 years in the industry, citing COVID-19’s impact and other factors.

Ford goes for responsible mining to further EV commitment

Ford has committed to lead the EV and sustainable mobility revolution so has signed on to Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA).

Hydrogen truck firm Hyzon motors going public in $2.7b merger

Hydrogen fuel cell truck manufacturer Hyzon Motors is set to become a publicly listed company on the Nasdaq through a $US2.7 billion merger agreement.

Chevrolet drops electric car bomb with two new EV models

After General Motors recently reiterated its commitment to electrification (30 new EVs by 2025), it today revealed two new electric cars; the Bolt and Bolt EUV.

Kiwi-inspired Ford GT expected to fetch jaw-dropping price

The market for Ford’s mid-engined twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 GT supercar has taken a very interesting turn. As has been widely reported, Ford placed a temporary sales clause on anyone who purchased the car new from them, in an attempt to stamp out price speculators.

Forget chocolates & flowers: man gives wife a Bugatti for valentines

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a nice bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates (so long as they’re not Roses). But in today’s age of Instagram showiness, Valentine’s Day has become all about bigger and better gifts.